SideFX刚刚发布了Houdini 15.5,还有一个全新的网站。这个最新版本的Houdini带来了一个新的群集解决方案,还有虚拟现实VR全景相机渲染,Houdini第三方独立的多渲染器混合渲染,还支持了最新的OpenVDB3.1,新的建模工具等等。如果想下载体验了解详情请点击我


Houdini 15.5重要新特性一览




New PolyBevel SOP

New PolySplit SOP

New Dissolve SOP

TopoBuild tool (phase II)

Variable width offsets in PolyExpand2D

Double-click for edge loop selection

Double-click for point and primitive island selection


Advanced locomotion controls

Direct FBX Imports for agents

Vertex normal support for deforming crowd agents

New Agent CHOP

New Terrain Adaptation SOP

Improved crowd steering behaviour

Accurate foot planting

Mocap Biped 3 with library of motion clips


Triplanar UV projection VOP

Curvature support for UV Bake

Tighter UV island packing in layout

Lighting and Rendering

Third Party Rendering Support in Houdini Indie – Today: RenderMan, Arnold, and Octane – Coming: Redshift, V-Ray and Maxwell

New VR Camera built using new VR lens shader

DOF and Motion Blur in OpenGL ROP

Overscan rendering support and crop window fixes

OpenGL displacement mapping in viewport

“Render to Disk in Background” button on SOHO ROPs

Photon tracing control in Mantra

User Experience

Better Euler tumbling in viewport

3D handle enhancements

File chooser enhancements

Improved geometry snapping

Multi row/column pasting in Parameter Spreadsheet

Help system enhancements


“Delta Mush” deformation support

Multi overlapping selection in Dopesheet

Hair and fur grooming enhancements


Faster VEX function loading and more efficient memory use

Faster saving of large geometry

HQueue performance optimizations


OpenVDB 3.1


Many Alembic enhancements


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